SDCentral not allowing me to update
Published on October 6, 2005 By Nomad529 In Object Desktop
~ Presently, I can update every other application from SDCentral but when I tried to update to WB 4.90b[b].003 I got an error telling me it "Failed to validate my subscription or procduct information." I didn't receive the error when I updated Skinstudio Professional to 4.90[b].002. WB seems to be the only app giving me this error.

~What could be the cause of the error and how can update WB?

~ Thanks in advance.

on Oct 06, 2005
Odd I had that same error, but I couldn't update any programs. I would email and see if they can help.
on Oct 06, 2005
~ Did you ever get anything to update?
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